Welcome to the Bigfathom Community Website

Mental Models Matter

Bigfathom is an open source endeavor to enrich collaboration and effective goal setting.

The Idea

Key Connections

Perhaps great things are possible from anyone through careful habit creation.

The Bigfathom approach seeks to leverage the power of constructive habit creation while getting things done.

By providing software that leverages insights of human behavior into useful methods of collaborating and getting work done, the Bigfathom software feeds a culture of effective transparency and collaboration.

Project Status

Alive and Kicking

Thanks to the contribution of time and insights from friends, colleagues, and businesses, the initial functional proof of concept was released fully open source in February of 2018.

Lessons learned are being rolled into a new refactored update winding its way toward a 2020 release.

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What's available right now

The Bigfathom Application has been created and is distributed as an open-sourced project. It is currently still under development.

Source Code

The original application is implemented as a Drupal7 module with a custom theme. If you are familiar with configuring and deploying Drupal7 websites, this might be an easy way for you to get your own installation running.

Git Sourcecode Repository

Create a Docker Stack

If you are familiar with docker, you can fire-up a docker stack of the Bigfathom application to get started.

Docker virtual machines